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Love React

Love Letters is a community Facebook Page made with the intention for Uni Students to post their love confessions. Some post to find the person of their dreams, some post to confront their fears of finding love and some just post for the memes. What some of us decided to do was turn those posts and bring them to life. Give them hope and a new meaning to what society thinks love is and where it’s going and why it’s going in that direction.
Inspired by real stories and real love letter posts. Love React, at its core, is a play that tackles what love is and where we as young people fit in the craziest ways. It’s honest and it’s up to you as an audience to decide what that truth is.

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Dates: August 11 Afternoon Session

Creatives: Jasmin Smith, Egan Sun-Bin.

Cast: Eliza Allen, James Forrest, Samuel Hocking, Harper McIllroy, Charlotte Lewis, Jack Mahoney, Samuel McGown,  Dimitri Politis, Georgia Shaw, Grace Teng.


Ipswich Little Theatre One-Act Play Awards:

  • Best Comedy Play

  • Best Director (Egan Sun-Bin)

  • Best Supporting Actress in A Minor Role (Harper McIllroy)

  • Incentive Award (Charlotte Lewis)

dsc_0769 (1).jpg
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