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Past Productions

The Unspoken Word Is 'Joe'

The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe’ is a biting meta-satire of Australian theatre which Zoey would describe as dramatic and beautiful. And tender. And sad. And funny. And also really clever, and really honest, and really raw and emotional. It’s about a break-up – but it’s not just a breakup play. It’s got lots of other layers to it. Yeah. Layers. It’s, like... It’s a really good play.

More Of Us

War on one side, freedom on the other and a couple in between.


True To You

Richard and Jane are seeking a powerful love connection. But will each meet their match - or their nemesis?


Love React

Inspired by real stories and real love letter posts. Love React, at its core, is a play that tackles what love is and where we as young people fit in the craziest ways. It’s honest and it’s up to you as an audience to decide what that truth is.


Things You Should Do On A Stage

Thalia has a list. It’s a list of things you should do on a stage. She has made a promise that no matter what happens, she will complete it. It’s important to her. It’s a promise she needs to fulfill but why? That is the question.

The Waiting Game

From certain hours at the Glass Menagerie, the waiters entertain their guests with a story. What they put on the table is made with love and care so you can have the most interesting and lively experience possible. Tonight’s story will make you feel the twists and turns. The inclusive and heartfelt atmosphere and sometimes, embrace the little odd moment found in the comedy. It’s a story about how one waiter found themselves meeting their mother for the first time and this person is definitely scared out of their mind.

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