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This is us.

The Reaction Theory is an artistic collective built on challenging works that support artists from age eighteen to twenty-nine. We use art to facilitate intellectual conversations that give audiences the reaction they deserve.

Our Mission

To Theorise

The Reaction Theory aims to create work that challenges audiences and question what our future can look like by examining our present. We hope that our works can create intellectual and emotional responses for our audiences in order to create an open conversation about our future.


To Elevate

The Reaction Theory aims to use our platform to elevate the voices of emerging artists aged eighteen to twenty-nine from all different backgrounds. We aim to create inclusivity in our company's structure through our acknowledgement of First Nation's people and continuing our support for the creation and staging of diverse work whether it be tackling race, gender, sexuality and people of disabilities.

To Experiment

The Reaction Theory continue the experimentation of theatrical form and artistic process in order to pave a new way for the future of theatre. We aim to continually look into ourselves in order to find way to create better framework and structures to encourage new works that challenge the status quo for audiences and artists alike.

To Deliver

The Reaction Theory strives to deliver high quality work for our audiences. We as a small independent company aim to hold high artistic and business standards to satisfy audience in every show we stage no matter the venue and no matter the price.

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