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The Waiting Game

From certain hours at the Glass Menagerie, the waiters entertain their guests with a story. What they put on the table is made with love and care so you can have the most interesting and lively experience possible. Tonight’s story will make you feel the twists and turns. The inclusive and heartfelt atmosphere and sometimes, embrace the little odd moment found in the comedy. It’s a story about how one waiter found themselves meeting their mother for the first time and this person is definitely scared out of their mind.
The Waiting Game provides a perspective of the pressure of confronting identity and the past while waiting for your dinner to be served.


The Waiting Game was presented as part of the Anywhere Festival in 2019.

Cast: Owen Green, Sarah Jarvis, Dimitri Politis, Charlotte Lewis.

Writer/Acting Coach: Egan Sun-Bin

Director: Callum Ford

Stage Manager: Jasmin Smith

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