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The Unspoken Word Is 'Joe' by Zoey Dawson

The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe’ is a biting meta-satire of Australian theatre which Zoey would describe as dramatic and beautiful. And tender. And sad. And funny. And also really clever, and really honest, and really raw and emotional. It’s about a break-up – but it’s not just a breakup play. It’s got lots of other layers to it. Yeah. Layers. It’s, like... It’s a really good play.

This production of The Unspoken Word Is 'Joe' will mark as The Reaction Theory's first mainhouse production at Backdock Arts. Thie production is proudly supported by The Blocksidge Family through the Jennifer Blocksidge Memorial Award.


24th November - 7:00pm
25th November - 7:00pm
26th November - 7:00pm
27th November - 2:00pm
27th November - 7:00pm

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Filmed by Imperfect Creatives


"I was laugh crying at multiple points in the play." - Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

"This production showcased some incredible young talent in Meanjin | Brisbane and was a true delight to watch." - Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

"Nutchey carried the show and delivered a multi-dimensional woman with an emotional complexity that was unmatched by her co-stars." - TheatreHaus

"Sanders used the stage beautifully, incorporating both natural and unnatural blocking to distinguish the play reading action from the “script-less” action." - TheatreHaus


Cast and Creatives

Presented with Backdock Arts

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Writer: Zoey Dawson

Director: Ruby Sanders

Stage Manager: Lachlan Paterson

Sound Designer: Aniella May

Lighting Designer: Nathaniel Knight

Creative Producer: Egan Sun-Bin
Associate Producer: Courtney Preston

Cast: Rachel Nutchey, Ethan Lwin, Mackenzie Curtis, Alex Kaan and Alison Telfer McDonald.

This production has been licensed by Australian Plays Transform and is supported by the Blocksidge Family through the Jennifer Blocksidge Memorial Award.

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