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Scenes From A Yellow Peril by Nathan Joe

An uncomfortable, playful and enlightening provocation on racism and privilege in Aotearoa.

A meta-analysis of Asian identity, carved into razor-sharp scenes that cut to the cultural quick. Scenes from a Yellow Peril is less a play, more a series of insights that, when taken together, expose the pain of the way in which some people are othered but whose experience will not be denied.

From award-winning Chinese-New Zealand writer, actor, poet and general polymath Nathan Joe, the work dissolves the traditional play format into a rapid-fire collection of snapshots and observations, flickering past in a rush of live music and hard-to-hear truths.

This production is produced by The Reaction Theory in partnership with BIPOC Arts.

Scenes from a Yellow Peril received development assistance from the Wallace Foundation and the Playmarket Playfellows Programme.

Dates: 16th - 19th October 2024

Venue: Metro Arts, West End.

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Filmed by Imperfect Creatives


"A powerful group performance poem is delivered with rapid-fire precision, informing us ‘this is a play about rage…a war cry’. Joe’s mastery of language and rhythm is on full display.' -Theatre Scenes

"Scenes From A Yellow Peril is a thoughtful snapshot of clashing cultures – alternately comic, poignant, anguished and angry in a condensed contemporary history of assimilation, along with the complexities of communication." - New Zealand Arts Review

"His work needs to be seen by everyone. " - Rat World

Cast & Creatives

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